Canyoning Experience or Adventure

What's the difference between Canyoning Experience and Canyoning Adventure ?

One of the most asked questions by our customers when are chossing between our Canyoning's activities, is what´s the diference of Canyoning Experience and Canyoning Adventure ?

That's why we leave here on our blog the main differences between these two Canyoning activities that Azorean Active Blueberry offers in the island of São Miguel in the Azores.

The Canyoning Experience is a very aquatic experience. Here the fun is guaranteed for about 3 hours, with lots of jumps!

Canyoning ExperienceCanyoning Experience

The Canyoning Adventure with a duration of about 5 hours of pure adrenaline! It includes less jumps, but has higher waterfalls and zipline!

Canyoning AdventureCanyoning Adventure

Our Canyoning activities are indeed an excellent experience and an optimal way to discover the best scenery of the Azores.

To book and more information about Canyoning Experience or Canyoning Adventure, please click on the links.

In all our Canyoning activities are included high quality safety equipment, licenses, insurance, qualified guides and free photos and videos.

See you there!

The Blueberry’s Team